Billboards reaching over 80% of urban South African’s daily

At times where advertisers are looking for media which stands out of the clutter, can’t be switched off, tuned out, blocked or ignored. Billboards are a high impact and high coverage platform reaching over 80% of urban South African’s daily.

Global research, case studies and industry growth numbers all echo the same sentiments: outdoor is growing and the best addition to other advertising campaigns and marketing initiative.

Campaign sites

Campaign sites offer reach to urban neighbourhoods with large communities in the arterial of major city centres, (taxi ranks, commuter bus & railway stations covering major high traffic routes) commercial, industrial and residential locations. They are typically 3X6 and 3X12 in size, allowing access to core FMCG markets on a national basis and at a competitive rate. Affording advertisers and brands the ability to run short to medium term strategic campaigns. Campaign boards can extend advertising messages reach via packages, to ensure coverage and reach in different locations to key consumers demographics.

Wallscapes Network

Our Wallscapes Network offers national coverage, with a host of different sizes and formats, in exciting and dynamic locations, affording exposure in close proximity to point of purchase, and entertainment environments. Offering excellent exposure in prominent areas, reaching diverse consumer base. Wallscapes compliment and work best in building brands and campaigns over extended periods.

Highway Network

Highway Billboard Network offers best in class coverage in high impact areas nationally, reaching large volume of diverse consumer segments, in the most desirable locations. Our large format High Network, delivers impact, prominence and are highly visible, making them a premium sought after advertising platform, elevating brands image and status.


Gantries are amazingly impactful due to location and position. Gantries are cross road overhead displays located in key high traffic locations, delivering maximum exposure, extending run up visibility and overall line of sight. These premium billboards deliver impact, and more contacts per thousand (CPM), especially during key traffic times, influencing advertising message and campaign recall.


Spectaculars are large format billboards offering awesome advertising solutions, influencing brand status and reputation. Spectacular billboards command attention by filling more of commuters line of sight and visual field through size and position. Located in key metropolitan locations, ensuring maxim exposure, awareness and recall.

Landmark locations

Boasting spectacular landmark locations that are distinctly visible, amplifying brand message like no other OOH media, elevating the status and image of the brand through the unique environment, size and scale.

Digital billboards

Digital billboards are the most time-sensitive & flexible forms of outdoor advertising, influencing and complimenting response rates to other media. Outdoor Digital Network is focused on key iconic high way sites, and smaller format inner-city locations, reaching key consumer segments, and positively influencing recall and engagement. Outdoor Digital Network uses the latest LED technology, and custom frame design, to ensure maximum brand exposure and impact.

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