Street Network, a division of Provantage Media Group, is a leader in small format Out-of-Home advertising in South Africa, offering national coverage, a host of different formats, in the most sought after locations.

We have a passionate, experienced and dedicated team in the key metropolitans, allowing us to better service clients, and maximize their campaign impact. Our media offers great value, and is highly impactful, providing high reach and frequency, to highly sought after consumers, in strategic locations.  Our aim is to build high levels of awareness, demand and drive consumer action.

We have years of experience and success stories, servicing business of all sizes, positively impacting consumer awareness and behavior, on their route to purchase by influencing, educating and informing.

Why Small Format

  • Effective media for point-of-purchase marketing near supermarkets, malls, movie theaters and tourist attractions, being the last window of influence before entering a shopping space
  • Provides access to neighborhood, and key environment, where other media is not available in
  • Delivers advertising messages to large audience daily, impacting recall and engagement
  • Provides continuous, permanent exposure of an advertising message, offering dominant presence in the immediate trading area
  • Highly effective for short term campaigns that require rapid consumer attention including events,  product and service launches or call to action messages
  • Typically positioned close to line of sight for heightened visibility amongst motorists and pedestrians


Some of the brands and companies Outdoor Network services:

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Provantage Media Group (PMG) and Outdoor Network (ON) are pleased to announce the merger of their respective out-of-home media operations. The merger, sees Provantage Media Group taking up the major shareholding in Outdoor Network. The balance of the shares in the company will be held by Sanlam Private Equity.

Provantage Media Group has positioned itself as key player in the South African media and marketing industry and offers services across a diverse portfolio of Out of Home media categories. Outdoor Network offers national coverage across a range of portfolios and the merging of the operations allows the two entities to leverage off each other’s strengths. The combination of PMG’s holdings, specifically within the activation, airport and transit space, and the Outdoor Network billboard and street furniture offering will deliver a diversified range of services and media opportunities and better service offering to the media and marketing industry.

PMG Business Units: