OOH Moves Consumers To Action!

80% Adults say they’ve seen an OOH ad in the past 7 days

Among those who have seen an OOH advertisement:

Out of Home has proven success stories in the following industries:

  • OOH amplifies and complements other media campaigns, broadening broadcast, such as: online, print, radio and TV
  • Targets a large and diverse consumer market on route to: home, work, shop and play
  • Positively impacts purchase behaviour impacting consumers awareness and recognition
  • OOH delivers high reach and frequency continuously at each strategic geographic location
  • OOH delivers a lower cost per thousand, compared to other media, seen instantly by a captive audience, without being able to be switched off, put down or blocked.

“Out of home advertising reaches 80% of urban consumers on an average day”

(AMAPS, 2015)

More Facts on Out Of Home

  • Out of home advertising reaches 80% of urban consumers on an average day i
  • South African commuters spend an average of 5H30 minutes traveling per week, with an average of 22 trips per week ii
  • Out of Home media enjoys an average frequency of 12 among LSM 7 – 10 iii
  • 83% of people recall seeing OOH advertising within the last 30 minutes before shopping iv

i. AMAPS2015, ii. TomTom Index Study 2015/16, iii. ROAD 2015/16, iv. Outsmart, Last Window of Influence, 2011