Why Outdoor Network

  • We are the third largest OOH media company in SA operating since 1999
  • We have a national footprint with a host of various formats and mediums
  • We have a host of billboards and street furniture formats nationally, in key demand locations
  • We are a founding member of the OMC
  • We have a Level 2 BBBEE rating and are 69% black owned company

Why Street Network

  • Bus Shelters Advertising offers advertising space which is located along busy bus and taxi routes
  • Target specific audiences/consumer segments at a low cost
  • Reach areas where other Out-of-Home advertising is not available in
  • An affordable advertising medium which delivers brand messages instantly
  • Low costs makes bus shelters a value component of any advertising campaign
  • Highly visible due to location and proximity to motorists and pedestrians
  • Can be geographically target to areas of interest on a national basis
  • Provides high reach and frequency to broad consumer segment
  • Convey point-of-sale reminders about products or services, moments before a purchase decision is made
  • Offer directional support by providing proximity messaging to businesses and point-of-sale retailers

“83% of people recall seeing OOH advertising within the last 30 minutes before shopping”

(Outsmart, Last Window of Influence, 2011)