Landmark Static OOH Billboards

Not afraid of heights.

Ensure your brand is seen in places that matter with our landmark static OOH billboards.

These iconic billboards deliver exposure in prominent areas and reach a very diverse audience segment.

Small Gantry Static OOH Billboards

Likes the attention.

Although its smaller than its cousin, the Jumbo Gantry, it still delivers unrivalled exposure and impact for your brand in Gauteng, Eastern Cape, North West, Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces.

Jumbo Gantry Static OOH Billboards

A high speed mobile device.

Witness your brand’s domination with a message that extends across the entire width of major double roads leading into, and out of, big cities and towns in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces. There is also a small gantry option where available.

Small Format Static OOH Billboards

A huge fan of traffic jams.

Our range of small format static billboards are placed in traffic jam hotspots ensuring your brand receives long term presence and tremendous visibility.

Large Format Static OOH Billboards

Anything but weak.

You’ll find our large Format static billboards in key economic and convergence locations.

These high impact canvases, on major arterial and main roads nationwide, are ready to be primed with your brand’s messaging.

Hybrid Digital OOH

Don’t just engage, disrupt.

With Hybrid Digital we use a blend of 10 static and 10 digital billboards, your brand is in the driving seat to not just engage with high LSMmovers, but disrupt them, wherever they are on highways and main arterials in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

Freeway Digital OOH

Always in your face.

Our freeway digital billboard sites are placed at highly visible, heavy traffic locations, where they are seen daily by residents and travellers. Outdoor Network owns 5 sites that reach high income audiences in key metro areas of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

Urban Digital OOH

Never switched off.

Our urban digital billboards are in 14 sites in 5 provinces. To ensure maximum exposure for your brand, we revolve them in the morning and in the evening to engage audiences in peak traffic times. And being digital enables rapid updates and the ability to respond in real-time to current events and market conditions.

Wallscape Static OOH Billboards

The writings on the wall.

Found in key locations in and around South Africa, Outdoor Network’s wallscape OOH billboards tower above the streets, turning your brand into a landmark.

They are valuable assets to have as they can penetrate areas where other OOH coverage is limited or unavailable.

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Digital OOH Billboards

Welcome to our world of digital billboards. Effective, customised and responsive just like you want your campaign to be. And you can’t click them away. Our Digital OOH network will build your brand’s identity on high traffic highways and inner-city locations with three different solutions on offer; urban digital, freeway digital and hybrid digital.