If it were not for blood donors, life-saving medical treatment for children with life threatening anaemia, trauma victims, women with pregnancy related complications, organ transplants, bone marrow transplants, complicated surgical procedures and cancer treatments would not be possible. And not unlike the severe water shortages being experienced in the Western and Eastern Cape, blood stocks in South Africa are constantly under pressure, particularly over the end of year festive season.

In order to extend its reach and visibility heading into the 2017/2018 festive period, Media Buyers – F1 Corporate Services approached Outdoor Network on behalf of their client, South African National Blood Service (SANBS) to suggest a site that would provide not only a visually impressive campaign, but deliver dominance in an already and extremely cluttered marketing environment.

The solution offered was to place the campaign with its call to action – ‘Your blood saves lives. Donate blood today’ on one of Johannesburg’s most iconic Out Of Home sites – the Tower at the FNB Stadium.  This prime location alongside the Soccer Stadium precinct provides extremely high visibility and impact by virtue of its imposing 36m x 68m size.

“Less than 1% of South Africans donate blood and thus SANBS stock levels fluctuate substantially, while the requirement is to keep stock levels at five days to meet the demand in the country. Targeting young healthy donors was a key consideration in selecting this site, particularly those that would be attending soccer matches and music events in the area,” comments Silungile Mlambo, Chief Marketing Officer at SANBS.

Spectacular Landmark locations such as the FNB Tower site are distinctly visible and elevate the status and image of brands through their unique environments, size and scale. Ultimately amplifying brand messaging in a manner other Out of Home formats find hard beat.

“We selected Out of Home as it serves as a reminder for potential and regular donors. Donors usually tell us they forget about blood donation and that seeing an SANBS Out of Home campaign helps to remind them.”

The FNB Stadium Tower site is ideally situated and visible to potential and existing donors from all walks of like around the key target market environment for the organisation. “When F1 Corporate Services approached us on behalf SANBS, the site proved to be ideal in order to reach their target audience, with dominance of the landscape, and achieve the required visibility and impact,” comments Patrick de Robillard, Head of Sales Billboards at Outdoor Network.

Out of Home is known to be creatively impactful – with big, bold, powerful storytelling, and a range of formats and unique locations that deliver larger-than-life impact. It is for this reason that the SANBS FNB Tower campaign is sure to stake its claim as one of the most visible and impactful Out of Home campaigns seen in Johannesburg recently.

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