King Price prides itself on offering great customer service, and if the company’s recent growth is anything to go by, it is succeeding royally. While it believes in spending less on marketing so that it can pass greater savings along to its customers, the brand still wants to be viewed as ‘king of the road’ – which is why it has chosen to capture attention with an enormous, exclusive gantry across Mediba Drive in Nelspruit, which services the greater Mbombela region of White River and Hazyview, and is known for its high traffic volume. “We want to make a difference by doing things differently,” says Natalie Bisset, GM for Marketing at King Price. “How better to stand out from the crowd than by owning one of the biggest gantries in town?”

Situated close to a number of car dealerships, the double-sided 4×42 metre gantry, bedecked in King Price’s trademark red and white, will be the first thing motorists see, whether driving out of town or returning. Positioning the gantry in Nelspruit makes sense as King Price has just opened a call centre in the city. “It’s our introduction to the Nelspruit audience – we want to position King Price as top-of-mind when there are decisions to be made around car insurance,” says Bisset.

Most popular among 40 to 54-year-old upper LSM consumers, King Price stands out in the market as it offers a unique, dare one say regal, proposition: monthly insurance premiums are actually reduced as one’s car’s value depreciates. “Insurance is a grudge purchase but we try to take the grudge out of it,” says Bisset. “We offer the same comprehensive insurance cover as everyone else, but at the cheapest possible price.”

The billboard highlights the King Price value proposition – “Price is king: Insurance that decreases monthly” – while demonstrating its user-friendliness towards motorists. The position of the gantry in close proximity to numerous motor dealers is extremely effective, not only from a brand awareness perspective, but in terms of delivering its value proposition and reinforcing the message that King Price cares about consumers. “King Price does not only insure cars – their scope extends from cars to communities, from bikes to businesses. If you own it, they’ll insure it, and the highly visible branding on the gantry delivers the proposition loud and clear,” says Patrick de Robillard, Head of Sales Billboards at Outdoor Network.

King Price believes that outdoor advertising is particularly effective – not only does it reach a wide audience, it is also less costly than many forms of media, which underlines the company’s desire to pass savings to clients. “Our brand campaign is built around outdoor and online marketing. Outdoor is great because this is where the association with cars is strongest and the competitive clutter is lowest,” says Bisset. “When you’re actually sitting in your car, whether you’re stuck in rush-hour or off on an adventure, that’s when our campaign talks to you.”