B&W Whisky, known as one of the classic whisky brands on the market, is tempting connoisseurs with its latest advertisement in Cape Town. The billboard adopts the brand’s trademark colours but goes a step further, ‘musking’ the board by means of a special printing process – this allows it to glow gently at night, enhancing the intimate ambience and lighting up glass and bottle. The brand wanted to not only exude a sense of legacy, but to present the product in a unique way through an innovative execution.

The campaign is intriguing and cleverly communicates the lifestyle aspect of the brand. With the aim of enticing a niche, upper LSM market during both day and night utilizing a unique execution, the brand is effectively reaching its target market.

Because premium whisky-loving consumers tend to venture out at night to play in the city, the lit-up premium billboard’s appeal is instantaneous, proving that out-of-home continues to play a strong creative role in campaigns.